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Advanced Gymnastics & Team (4 yrs +)

The Advanced Gymnastics classes are for girls who have shown advanced strength, flexibility, mental aptitude, learning of basic skills and body positions. Gymnasts must also show a passion for pursuing competitive gymnastics.

Participation in Pioneer’s Advanced & Competitive Programs are by invitation-only and each gymnast must be evaluated prior to enrolling in any advanced classes.

Once in these classes, gymnasts are evaluated every 8-10 weeks and documented on a progress report.

If one of our staff members feels your child is ready to move to the next level, they will approach you to discuss it.

If you feel your child is dedicated to the sport and physically capable of meeting the demands of our program please contact our front office in person or by phone at (413)525-1291 to discuss setting up an evaluation or fill out an evaluation request below.

WendyHead Coach (Levels 1 - 10)
KierstynLevel 1 & 2 Coach
AmandaxCel Team
AnnaxCel Team

Our Program Leader

danielleDanielle is the competitive head coach (levels 1-10). Danielle designs and develops the progressive curriculum for the entire USAG team.


Can we try a class before registering?2016-11-11T03:46:40-05:00

Yes however participating in a trial class does NOT guarantee your child a spot in that class. You may sign up for a free trial class online or call the office 413-525-1291 extension 0

What discounts do you offer?2018-09-17T20:24:21-04:00

Yes. If you have a second child enrolled at the same time, the second child will receive 10% off monthly tuition. A 15% discount will be applied to every child after the 2nd.  Please note: discounts are applied to the lowest tuition.

What is the makeup policy if we miss a class?2016-11-07T03:53:05-05:00

Your child can make up as many classes as they miss within the month. Call or stop in the office to get a day/time to make up any class. You can not just show up and expect to be added to a class it must be scheduled after the class you miss

Do you Prorate tuition?2016-11-07T03:51:07-05:00

Tuition is only pro-rated by half if you start after the 15th of the month. If you register on the 15th or later, the tuition will not be reflected when you first register, this will be done manually by our office staff.

If we register now when do we start?2016-11-07T03:49:08-05:00

Once you register, your child can start right away at the next regularly scheduled class meeting. If you are unable to attend immediately, please contact our office.