Taekwondo Birthday Parties2017-02-12T22:34:07-04:00

Taekwondo Birthday Parties (Ages 4+)

Want to throw a party your child will be talking about for months to come? Why do a typical party when you can have a Martial Arts Party! We have a party plan that is sure to be thrilling for your family and guests. Best of all, we do all the preparation, serving and cleaning. Imagine what it would be like to throw the best party without having to worry about a thing.

Don’t worry! It’s not too good to be true! Birthday parties at EDGE are like our classes: fast-paced, fun, and physically enriching. They take the most fun parts of our karate lessons and games. As always, our inspirational instructors make it all possible.

  • # Kids Included# Kids Included
  • Gym TimeGym Time
  • Party Time (room)Party Time (room)
  • PizzaPizza
  • Juice BoxesJuice Boxes
  • CakeCake
  • UtensilsUtensils
  • Board BreaksBoard Breaks
  • EDGE Water BottlesEDGE Water Bottles
  • Setup & CleanupSetup & Cleanup
  • Black Belt

  • $310

  • # Kids Included15
  • Gym Time60
  • Party Time (room)45
  • Pizza2 XL Cheese Pizza's
  • Juice Boxesup to 30 juice boxes
  • Cake1/4 Sheet Theme Cake
  • UtensilsForks, Plates, Napkins and Table Cloths
  • Board BreaksEach Child
  • EDGE Water BottlesEach Child
  • Setup & CleanupStaff Helps Entire Party!
  • White Belt

  • $180

  • # Kids Included10
  • Gym Time60
  • Party Time (room)30
  • PizzaNot Included
  • Juice BoxesNot Included
  • CakeNot Included
  • UtensilsNot Included
  • Board BreaksBirthday Child Only
  • EDGE Water BottlesEach Child
  • Setup & CleanupStaff Helps Entire Party!

Let us help deliver a memorable birthday party for your child!

First things First
First things First
Your Birthday Child will be a Black Belt for the day
Warm Up
Warm Up
We’ll stretch and warm-up before our Taekwondo Lesson
Inspiration for the Party
Inspiration for the Party
Demonstrations by our instructors & our black belt assistants
Interactive Games
Interactive Games
Play Interactive Games & Skill Drills
Board Breaks
Board Breaks
Birthday Child Breaks a board with a hand or foot! (Black belt everyone breaks a board)
Party Room Time
Party Room Time
After the gym time We’ll Eat Pizza (Black Belt)
Special Cake Time
Special Cake Time
Birthday Child is assisted by instructions cutting their cake with a sword!
Presents & Clean Up
Presents & Clean Up
If you decide to open presents our team will help you through it all while cleaning up the birthday room!

Birthday Party Add-ons (optional)

Add-On Price
Extra Children $12.00 Each
Extra Gym Time $50 - 30 Minutes
Extra Party Time $50 - 30 Minutes
Sharing Party $15
Extra Boards $3.00 Each
Juice Boxes $5 per 10
XL Large 1 Topping Pizza $17
2 XL 1 Topping Pizzas $28

Our Event Leader

Christina manages all the scheduling and questions for birthday parties. If you need someone to talk to about parties and the information above doesn’t answer your question, give her a call 413-525-1291 x0


What is the cancellation policy?2016-11-20T18:57:05-04:00

Parties have a non-refundable deposit of $75; however, if you need to cancel the party and you do so at least two weeks prior to the date of the party, we will issue an account credit. Once the party falls in the two week window, the party becomes non-refundable and/or transferable. Cancellations may not be made via voice mail or email. Parties that need to reschedule must be rescheduled outside of the 2 week window.

What if inclement weather occurs during my party time?2016-11-20T18:55:21-04:00

We understand things happen. If we need to reschedule your party because of weather, we will not charge you extra. However, if you have a cake you’ll need to pick up the cake and freeze it until the party date or purchase another cake.

What do parents do when they come?2016-11-20T18:54:31-04:00

You as the party host have a few decisions. First as soon as parents come in and sign their children in they can leave if you are ok with that. We also have a great view of the entire facility with a TV and fireplace or you can all sit on the spring floor and watch your children play.

What if I have more than one child celebrating a birthday?2016-11-20T18:52:53-04:00

You can share parties but will be charged the regular party package price, plus $15 to share a birthday party

How do I change the time and/or date of the party?2016-11-20T18:52:06-04:00

If you need to re-schedule your party, please call the office as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. We can’t reschedule your party within in one week.

What if I want to stay longer than the party time?2016-11-20T18:51:10-04:00

We generally have multiple parties scheduled so we do not allow extended time beyond the package length UNLESS you have scheduled the additional time at the time of booking the party or if another party does not follow your party. Extended time is $25.00 per 15 minutes

What happens if my guest count changes?2016-11-20T18:49:18-04:00

We will contact you the Thursday/Friday prior to the party to confirm final head count.  You are allowed to have more children than your package includes at an additional cost of $10 per child

What is the birthday child’s minimum age to book a party?2016-11-20T18:48:32-04:00

The child has to be at least 2 years old