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Open Gym (18 mos – 3 yrs)

Open gym is an unstructured hour of play in our Kids Clubhouse Gym which is a smaller contained room built just for this age. Open gym is a drop-in program where you may come during the mornings or evenings, on school vacations, days off, or any day we offer it. We also have an inexpensive monthly membership option that takes the hassle out of paying every time you come!

Drop in price – $6 admission fee and $4 siblings.

Weekly Open Gym Hours

Open Gym Membership

Join our monthly membership program. Please register online and you can start coming to our open gym as soon as you register! Come to as many open gym’s as you want!

Open Gyms Per Week


Class Length

60 Min

No Instructor*

Dedicated Area for Toddlers

The Open Gym and Tiny Stcarousel-tiny08ars program is held in our dedicated Kids Clubhouse facility that has special sized equipment for this age group. This smaller gym allows parents to keep the child more focused and burning energy on equipment for their size!

The gym has an equipment circuit which includes a Rock Climbing Wall, Monkey Bars, Uneven Bars & Rings. The Kids Clubhouse also has a dedicated room for warm up and goodbye stretches and songs. The facility is loaded with stimulating colors and activities.

Our Program Leader

Kierstyn is the Tiny & Mini Star Program Leader and instructs in both programs. She designs and develops the progressive curriculum and themes for both programs to make it an easy transition for children.

When she isn’t working, Kierstyn loves spending time with her twin daughters and husband.


Can we try a class before registering?2016-11-11T03:46:40-05:00

Yes however participating in a trial class does NOT guarantee your child a spot in that class. You may sign up for a free trial class online or call the office 413-525-1291 extension 0

What does my child wear to class?2016-11-11T03:44:32-05:00

At this age shorts & t-shirt are perfectly fine. Leotards are also an option and available for purchase in our pro-shop!

What discounts do you offer?2018-09-17T20:24:21-04:00

Yes. If you have a second child enrolled at the same time, the second child will receive 10% off monthly tuition. A 15% discount will be applied to every child after the 2nd.  Please note: discounts are applied to the lowest tuition.

What is the makeup policy if we miss a class?2016-11-07T03:53:05-05:00

Your child can make up as many classes as they miss within the month. Call or stop in the office to get a day/time to make up any class. You can not just show up and expect to be added to a class it must be scheduled after the class you miss

Will my child move up in gymnastics?2016-11-07T03:52:02-05:00

While some children may not be quite ready to move from a parent child class when they turn three, once your child “ages” out of the class at three years old, he or she can move to our Mini Stars classes which are independent classes.

Do you Prorate tuition?2016-11-07T03:51:07-05:00

Tuition is only pro-rated by half if you start after the 15th of the month. If you register on the 15th or later, the tuition will not be reflected when you first register, this will be done manually by our office staff.

If we register now when do we start?2016-11-07T03:49:08-05:00

Once you register, your child can start right away at the next regularly scheduled class meeting. If you are unable to attend immediately, please contact our office.

Are family/friends allowed to watch?2016-11-07T03:48:04-05:00

We understand how important this age is and how much family likes to be involved! We ask that no more than two people participate/watch during class. This is because it is in our dedicated Kids Clubhouse Facility that is smaller which is designed to keep the children focused.

What does my child wear to gymnastics?2016-11-07T03:45:24-05:00

At this age shorts, t-shirt, onesie are ok. Leotards are also an option and sizes for this age are carried in our pro-shop.

How is this different than open gym?2016-11-07T03:43:55-05:00

Open gym is strictly Parent/tot. In class an instructor leads parent/tot through skills, games and exercises. Simple tasks are requested so tots can easily be rewarded.

How will gymnastics benefit my child?2016-11-07T03:42:47-05:00

Your Child will experience thrilling moments in the gym which range from rolling on mats to playing group parachute games. Their experience on the gymnastics apparatus is normally in the form of obstacle courses. The tots are encouraged to climb, crawl, and jump from station to station. The objectives at each station are basic motor patterns and therefore, simple to complete. Tot and parent share all of this excitement as they work through each class as partners.
An additional benefit of being involved in gymnastics at this young age is the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age. Sharing, following simple directions and social skill development are all-important aspects of a Parent/Tot Program. Long verbal explanations and demonstrations by the teacher are kept to a minimum due to the children’s short attention span.

At What Age Should I Enroll My Child?2016-11-07T03:39:21-05:00

Children develop their fundamental movement skills between the ages of 2 and 5. Each stage of a youngster’s development presents critical learning periods. In general, a child will benefit by their involvement in gymnastics regardless of the age that they begin!